one of the most valuable assets of a company.

Trademarks analysis and management

The trademark is a distinctive sign that identifies and distinguishes the products and services of a particular subject from those of another. The trademark has territorial value and therefore depends on the type of registration made. For example:
Italian Trademark: protects throughout the territory of Italy.
European Union trademark: protects all EU countries.
International Trademark: 152 countries can be designated with a single request.
Foreign Trademark: in any country in the world.

The trademark can be renewed an indefinite number of times. The decision on trademark renewals is the responsibility of the trademark owner.

Trademarks, due to their communicative nature, are often one of a company's most valuable assets. Therefore, careful management of a trademarks portfolio, coupled with carrying out appropriate research and surveillance, can avoid serious subsequent legal problems. The evaluation of the existing portfolio is an excellent precautionary action.

Multi-protection: thanks to careful examination, a trademark can be protected in combination with other tools such as Patent, Model-Design, Copyright,. This circumstance can occur when the trademark distinguishes products that present novelties, for example through an inventive process and / or particular shapes with an individual character.

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