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Philosophy of Communication

GRIGA Advertising has been providing on request for many years its consultancy in the Philosophy of Communication in Trademarks and Patents.

What is it about? As is well known, Philosophy offers an in-depth overview of the problem (general view) and therefore organizes specialization (particular view) to implement the most appropriate strategy.

Every corporate action is driven by a philosophy and when the company communicates it puts into action its own communication philosophy. But will it be consistent with the brands - patents - designs it want to adopt?

For example, the patent, the trademark, the design must take into account the context in which the company operates and / or intends to operate. Each company with its own communication philosophy guides all its activities (design, marketing, production, marketing, competition). Our service therefore verifies whether there is consistency between the company's communication philosophy and the industrial property rights that you want to apply for.

Therefore, before proceeding with execution activities, GRIGA Advertising, upon request, investigates whether the Company's Communication Philosophy is consistent with the patent, trademark, design that it intends to protect.

We pay attention right from the design phase of the new product or service as it could be equipped with an aspect (design), the solution of a technical problem (patent), the name that distinguishes it (brand) and a copyright / copyright . In this phase, GRIGA Advertising informs about the possibilities of protection and how to increase them in harmony with the company's communication philosophy in order to improve the chances of penetration into the markets of interest. Basically, the simple filing of a request for an intellectual property title without having made a previous in-depth consistency study can prove inefficient if not null.

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