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Continuity in the service to the company.

Griga Advertising was founded in 1981 with the aim of providing communication services based on marketing. The research of the reasons for the purchase, the analysis of the market, the communication tools and the study of the same, were the prerequisites for the birth.

An agile structure, which, making use of internal and external collaborators, was able to give efficient answers to those companies that were looking for services in central Italy that would otherwise be available in northern Italy, particularly in Milan.

A great impulse in this direction was favored by the collaboration with marketing and graphics experts previously employed in an Umbrian multinational.

In the early 1980s, Griga Advertising began to lay the foundations of the philosophy of communication, namely the questioning of the "how" and especially the "why" of communication by small and medium-sized enterprises in central Italy. Another point that was not underestimated was the protection of intangible assets and for this reason it also provided its clients with that support in Industrial Property with the collaboration of external consultants qualified in Trademarks and Patents.

In the following years, realizing that the most important assets of the company were intangible assets ( i.e. the idea in the form of a trademark-patent- process-know-how,) it moved towards full dedication to this activity, thus abandoning its role of communication agency and becoming thus an industrial property agency. Some advertising agencies, which were previously in competition with Griga Advertising, became clients over time as they understood that the knowledge of communication transferred to the protection of intangible assets (patent, trademark, model) could offer them greater security in the design phase of advertising actions in order to make them safer in the executive phase.

The experience gained in communication combined with knowledge of industrial property allows GRIGA Advertising to offer assistance in every country in the world to companies and individuals which is expressed in the following way:

  • verification of the idea from the point of view of protection of industrial property: trademark, design, patent, trade secret, copyright, etc.
  • intervention strategy, analysis of the markets of interest and the target
  • research to verify its novelty and industrial applicability, also taking into account the character of an inventive step as can be used for a patent, but also of strength or weakness as it can happen in the trademark and individual character for the design / model.
  • filing and prosecution of registration-concession requests and their defense in judicial and extrajudicial areas.
  • watching in order to verify the infringement of industrial property rights.
  • Multi-protection: synergies of several privatives. It is expressed in the protection of the innovative idea with more than one protection tool as each of them has a sphere of protection limited to its purpose. In fact, an idea could also be the subject of copyright or copyright and / or patent and / or trademark and / or design. Leaving these possibilities out by leaving them to third parties could prove counterproductive, but the diagnosis of the idea and its potential on our part can help to avoid such risks.

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