Protection strategy

to guide you in the most appropriate choices

Protection strategy

Our office in Perugia is at your attention to guide you in the most appropriate choices regarding trademarks, patents and models. Our clients range from industry and crafts to services to businesses and citizens and are present both in Italy and abroad. We dedicate particular attention to the start of business activities and / or the launch of new products / services. These are in fact the phases on which it is necessary to pay the utmost attention in order to profitably capitalize investments and subsequent actions. GRIGA Advertising also offers free assistance for a first orientation in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce of Perugia and Terni.


GRIGA Advertising has been providing, on request, for many years its consultancy in the Philosophy of Communication to Trademarks and Patents.


The trademark is a distinctive sign that identifies and distinguishes the products and services of a particular subject from those of another.


The patent provides legal protection for innovative solutions to technical problems. A patent gives its owner an exclusive right for a limited period of time.

Models / Designs

The author of a design or model has the right to its registration and the validity requirements are basically novelty and individual character.


Copyright is a set of rights relating to the creators of literary and artistic works as indicated in Article 2 of the Bern Convention.


Copyright is the author's exclusive right to prevent copies of his work from being made without authorization. Copyright law arises through the filing of the work.

Priority searches

Before proceeding with any executive activity, we recommend proceeding with prior art searches in order to avoid where possible the risk that third party rights are not infringed.


Our surveillance services allow you to verify in the worldwide databases the presence or absence of property rights that could conflict with your rights.

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